The New York Alumni Chapter is excited to offer a $500 stipend for the Fall 2019 semester for one student, contingent upon satisfactory progress identified by the scholarship/ recruitment committee.  We welcome you to apply; we will be accepting Applications between January 15th – April 15th 

We will review all applications and a final candidate will be notified no later than May 11th, 2019 on the basis of eligibility, financial need, quality of application and displayed interest in higher education.  We want to contribute to the university by supporting currently enrolled students as well as encourage students from the NYC area to attend Virginia Union University.

 Stipend Provisions

Stipends are awarded to recipients for four academic years. The stipend payments are made directly to the student and may be used toward tuition or any other costs associated with attending the University, such as room & board; purchase of books, etc.

Withdrawal from the university will eliminate students from the program. A student who withdraws from the university must inform the committee in writing, of their reason for withdrawal. 

Each stipend recipient will be assigned a member of the Virginia Union Alumni Association, New York Chapter, to serve as a mentor and liaison.

 Stipend Eligibility

  • Students applying for this stipend must be currently enrolled at Virginia Union University or a New York City high school senior that has been accepted to attend the aforementioned university.

  • Foreign born students must meet the requirements of the naturalization and immigration laws of the United States.

  • Students must be enrolled full-time and be making satisfactory progress toward an undergraduate degree. The student must maintain a 2.5 and above cumulative grade point average.

  • Students must send the scholarship/ recruitment committee a copy of the transcript for the completed semester before receiving the next stipend payment. Newly enrolled students must submit a high school transcript.