It is my pleasure to welcome you to the homepage of the New York Alumni Chapter of Virginia Union University!

As a native New Yorker, Richmond seemed a world away, and I longed to return to my city. To my surprise, Virginia Union became my new family; its culture and history became a part of my identity.  When I returned to New York after graduation I joined the New York Alumni Chapter as a way to connect to my home away from home. In getting to know the other alumns I quickly understood that regardless of our different pasts and the paths that brought us to our Alma Mater, we share a common spirit that only Unionites embody. 

As a chapter we work to promote the mission of Virginia Union University in New York, through leadership, service, recruitment and fundraising. It is our goal to keep the New York Alumni community abreast of all of the exciting things that are happening on our campus. 

I encourage your participation, feedback, and support in what will be our best year yet! Because we still love Dear Union, on behalf of the New York Virginia Union Alumni Chapter, I hope to see you and your friends and family at our next meeting or event! 


Adenike Cumberland, '01